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Gifted Gems

Gifted Gems

Gifted G.E.M.S is an 8 week mentoring program that will train, expose, and provide community outreach opportunities to better prepare our young girls for growth and success in life.  Middle School and Junior High aged youth (10-14 years of age) are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Our Mission
Our goal is to provide practical instruction that young girls can apply in their daily lives that will better prepare them for success in life. Our program topics range from identity, purpose, personality, how to talk to God, relationships, and public speaking. We expose young girls to information, life skills, and various opportunities in the community.

Our Purpose
The purpose of the Gifted G.E.M.S. Program is to provide young girls with:
-    mentoring relationships
-    professional etiquette and presentation skills
-    character development
-    effective communication skills
-    leadership and life skills

Program Overview
-    Week 1: Welcome, Identity, Personality
-    Week 2: How to Talk to God (Prayer)
-    Week 3: Relationships
-    Week 4: Confidence 
-    Week 5: Presentation Skills
-    Week 6: Purpose
-    Week 7: Vision Boards
-    Week 8: Celebration Reception (August 11)

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