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Grow Groups

Stay connected to Restoration during the week!

One of the best ways to grow in your faith and begin to form long-lasting, treasured relationships at Restoration is to connect to a Grow Group. Our small groups were purposefully created for the believer to Network, to Engage others, and to be Transformed through the Word of God. It’s often in these Grow Group environments where we can make some of our greatest connections and where meaningful change in our lives happens best!


The mission of Grow Groups is to bring people together in a smaller setting to grow in their relationship with God and others, realize their potential, and build God's Kingdom together.

Why Grow Groups

Christ taught the masses, but he deeply impacted 12 disciples who grew into world-changers. They were developed into their full spiritual potential through up close and personal time spent with Christ and each other.  The early church grew in numbers and in power as people met from house to house in small groups to continue learning the Word, fellowship and prayer. This is the model for spiritual growth and development we embrace at the Restoration family of churches.  We believe this model is Scripturally-sound and beneficial to a healthy, growing church.

Our Grow Groups meet on different days and in different locations across NWA, and the courses encompass many categories, so there’s certain to be something that meets your specific needs.

Grow Groups are forming now! Please see the list of classes below.

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The Marriage you’ve always wanted 

Book: The Marriage you’ve always wanted
By: Gary Chapman
Cost: $10 (book)   
Meeting Time: Thursday’s at 6:30pm
Classes Start: March 30th
Location: Conley’s Home (Fayetteville)
For: Married Couples 
Facilitators: Steve & Naketa Conley
Falling in love is easy. Staying in love—that’s the challenge! Learn to experience deeper and richer levels of intimacy and love. 

The Resolution for Men 

Book: The Resolution for Men
By: Stephen Kendrick
Cost: $10 (book)   
Meeting Time: Sunday at 7pm
Classes Start: March 12th
Location: Outcomes Inc
For: Men of all ages 
Facilitators: Minister Lang & Curtis Alexandria
A man cannot be passive about what Scripture tells him to do for his family and expect to be found faithful to God in the end. 


Book: Fervent 
By: Priscilla Shirer
Cost: $10 (book)  
Meeting Time: Tuesday’s at 7pm
Classes Start: The week of March 6th 
Location: 155 S. Razorback rd.
For: Women of all ages 
Facilitators: Bonnie Crain & Debbie Coffer
Women will learn how to strength their prayer life with the full armor of the Lord.

The Wait

Book: The Wait
By: Devon Franklin and Meagan Good
Cost: $15 (book)   
Meeting Time: Thursday’s at 7pm
Classes Start: The week of March 6th 
Location: Atlanta Bread Company (Rogers)
For: All 
Facilitators: Kim Carter & Amber Bibbs
Singles will learn more about courtship and marriage and the successes that ’waiting’ brings!  

Total Money Makeover

Total Money Makeover
Book: The Total Money Makeover
By: Dave Ramsey
Cost: $20 (book)  
Meeting Time: TBD
Classes Start: The week of March 16th 
Location: TBD
For:  Everyone
Facilitators: Elders Tony & Sheila Posey
This class will offer  lessons  on how to get out 
of debt and achieve financial fitness and 

Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God 

Book: Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God 
By: Francis Chan
Cost: $15 (book) 
Meeting Time: Wednesday’s at 6:30pm
Classes Start: The week of March 6th
Location: Restoration Church (NWA)
For:  Teen and College Students
Facilitators: Ronald Watkins & Mr. and Mrs. Kamara
Does something deep inside your heart long to break free from the status quo? 

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