Mortgage Elimination

Imagine Debt Freedom
Mortgage Elimination

A wonderful opportunity has been presented to us that will empower our church by leaps and bounds to spread the Restoration experience like wild fire!  Several months ago, a generous friend of our ministry issued a challenge to us that will help eliminate the debt on our facility.  Currently, we have two mortgages:

• Mortgage #1 - approximately $360,000
• Mortgage #2 - approximately $165,000

Here's his challenge:  when we pay off the first mortgage, he will pay off the second mortgage for us and we will be debt-free! 

A debt-free ministry is an unchained ministry that can focus greater resources on building people and communities.  We need to meet this challenge!

Here's the strategy the Holy Spirit has given us to quickly get this done.  We call it Gideon's Army: The Power of 300.

Gideon was a fearful man from the smallest tribe of Israel, who defeated the mighty Midianites with God's help and a small army of 300 unselfish, committed, and skilled soldiers.

Like Gideon, we are looking for 300 individuals (or entities of all types) who are able and willing to give $1200
 to help us meet this goal.

Will you join our army of 300?

When you fulfill your $1200 commitment, we will celebrate your contribution at our Sunday worship service and your name will be placed on one of 300 bricks on our Kingdom Builders’ Wall at Restoration Church.  More importantly, the seed you sow into the Kingdom of God will reap massive returns in your life -- in ways that can't be measured.  We just can't beat God giving!

Will you join Gideon's Army and help us meet our Mortgage Elimination Challenge by November 1st?  If you can't, do you know someone who can?

Joining our army is easy...simply click on the link below to complete your commitment form or to give your $1200 tax-deductible contribution now.

Let's Do This!


Click HERE to give your contribution now.


You can also send your contribution to:

Restoration Church
c/o Gideon's Army
P.O. Box 3682
Fayetteville, AR 72702

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